Three Hours to Discover DC


Those in search of a truly unique DC experience should consider having tea with Anna Weatherley. This renowned artist has been producing hand-painted porcelain for some 26 years, designing original pieces for heads of state, US government officials, and even royalty.

Anna Weatherley first began painting porcelain in her native country of Hungary in the 1900s, but this was not Anna’s first foray into decorative art. She began her career importing textiles and furniture from Afghanistan to Australia before becoming an arms dealer, dealing in 19th-century guns. Weatherley would go on to start a couture business creating custom pieces using hand painted and embroidered silk. During this time, Weatherley produced custom dresses for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, and Lady Bird Johnson. Currently she employs around 60 masterful porcelain artists. The male artist tend to paint flowers and fruits while the women are masters at creating little bugs and butterflies and their tiny unique little designs.

During Tea with Anna Weatherley, you will have the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a refreshing cup of tea all the while having an in depth conversation with the artist.

Anna Weatherley has had her art placed on display at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Historical Decatur House, the White House, and even Buckingham Palace. Anna Weatherley Designs have been showcased in various magazines including Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, Modern Bride, Town & Country, and more.